Statistics FAQ

  1. What is the best way of dealing with uncertainty?
  2. Which books should I buy?
  3. What is statistics?
  4. What is wrong with classical statistics?
  5. Why is classical statistics politically correct?
  6. Which is the best statistics mailing list?
  7. What is probability?
  8. What are the different sorts of probability?
  9. Why is (Bayesian) probability the best way of dealing with uncertainty?
  10. Am I a Bayesian?
  11. Who is the most extreme Bayesian of them all?
  12. How do I choose the prior?
  13. What is Cox's Theorem?
  14. What's the Dutch Book argument?
  15. Does hypothesis testing work?
  16. What's wrong with significance testing?
  17. Where can I perform a significance test online?
  18. What are P values?
  19. What is regression?
  20. What is the law of large numbers?
  21. What is the central limit theorem?
  22. What are some statistics/probability quotes?
  23. What's the connection between data mining and statistics?
  24. What's the difference between machine learning and statistics?
  25. What are stochastic processes?
  26. What is the difference between a poisson distribution and an exponential distribution?
  27. How can you average correlation coefficients?
  28. Can I beat the bookies?
  29. Where can I find an Excel implementation of the runs test?

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